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Gene Bruno and Tom Andrews are the founders and principle owners of ALKO.  Gene and Tom’s healthcare careers began in 1957 and 1958 respectively.  They earned their sales and management skills while working for major national medical supply firms.  In 1987 they opened ALKO as a Small Business Administration, SDB 8(a) certified firm and, as a result of Gene’s American Indian heritage, ALKO became the first American Indian owned and operated healthcare supply company in the United States.

Significance of The Eagle
Eagles and their feathers hold a position of reverence among the Potawatomi people. The Potawatomi consider a man fortunate who possesses an eagle feather. Gene is especially proud of the eagle feather awarded to him by his Tribal Council.

Brennan Bruno is Vice President of Operations and is responsible for managing day-to-day business of the company in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care.  Brennan has a physical medicine background and served as a certified trainer for the US Olympic Women’s Softball team. She is experienced and well grounded in medical equipment and supplies.

Dee Tucker is Managing Director of Alko Medical Imaging.Dee has more than 25 years of experience and accomplishments in the field of Radiology.  Mr.Tucker served as an instructor in Mercy Health Center’s School of Radiologic Technology and as Adjunctive Clinical Professor in the University of Oklahoma College of Health. He is the former President of the Oklahoma Society of Radiologic Technologists and served on its Board of Directors for multiple years.  Dee has directed operations of MRI, Computed Tomography, Mammography, General and Cardiac Ultrasound, Diagnostic Radiology, General & Cardiac Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Radiation Therapy, Special Procedures/Cardiac Catheterization, Radiology/Cardiology PACS, Voice Recognition Dictation, and Radiology Bio-Med Engineering for multiple Outpatient Radiology Imaging Centers and three major Medical Centers. 

In addition, Dee has expertise in Hospital Radiology Department and Outpatient Radiology Imaging Center design, renovation, construction, equipment selection, installation and acceptance testing. 



Client Base: 
Federal, State and Private medical facilities - hospitals, clinics, imaging and teaching centers.
Federal and State contracts including Department of Defense, Indian Health Service, Department of Agriculture, Veterans Administration, and the States of Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.
Group purchasing organization members including Novation, Premier, S.S.M., and others.


• Certified Buy-Indian Firm - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
• Veteran owned and operated small business concern.
• Graduate of the Small Business Administration “S.D.B. 8(a)” Program.
• Strategic business alliances with various S.B.A certified Tribal 8(a) enterprises.
• Certified Member of the Oklahoma Minority Suppliers Development Council.
• Recipient of the, “S.B.A. Administrator’s Award of Excellence”.
• Approved H.U.B. supplier for major GPO’s including Novation (V.H.A.) and Premier.
• Registrations include:  C.C.R., O.R.C.A., and Vet 100.
• Federal I.D. Number: 73-1301237;   D&B Number: 18-1118738; Cage Code: ODJS1 .
• FSS Contract Holder  FSS-V797-4890a  FSC Group 65V, Part II, Section A